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How to open BZIP2 files

How To Open BZIP2 Files

This online app is a simple bzip2 file opener that allows you to extract a bzip2 file right from your browser. Your bzip2 file will not be sent over the internet in order to be opened so your privacy is protected.

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How to open bzip2 files?

  1. Click the button above to select the bzip2 file to open.
  2. Depending on the folder structure in your bzip2 file, the content of the bzip2 file will be automatically extracted to your usual download location or you will be given the choice to extract specific files.
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No software installation

This online archive extractor is based in your web browser, no software is installed on your device.

Free to use

It's completely free, no registration is needed and there is no usage limit.

No installation

This archive file opener is a tool that is based in the browser, no software installation is required.


Your files aren't sent over the internet in order to extract it, this makes our online archive file opener very secure.

All devices supported

Being web-based, this tool can open archives on most devices with a web browser.

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